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The series of vessels has the functions of heating and heat pressrvation. Manufacturing, pressure test and acceptance are in accordance with <technical conditions for steel-made welded vessel> and <steel-made pressure vessel>

1. The volume varies form 10L to 15000L for your selection and design and processing can be made according to actual requirements of customers.

2. It adopts imported sanitary mechanical seal products from UK john Crane and Germany Burgmann as the seal of blending shaft. THe blending rotation speed is 14-200r/m, and the speed can also be regulated by frequency converter.

3. The interface adopts internationally general-use ISO standard rapid installation chuck type. The internal bladder adopts inmorted 316L or 304.

4. In the tank body, there are liquid level meter(non-contact supersonic wave, static pressure, staerilization steamvent, thermometer (digital indication type or dial plate type) , CIP universal cleaning device, sight glass, several liquid inlets and outlets and manholes etc.
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