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Introduce your kids to the ART & SCIENCE of SYMMETRY PATTERNS.
You'll want to PLAY with it yourself. This FUN program is simple enough for a three year old
and complex enough with nearly INFINITE possibilities to fascinate kids AGES 5 to 100.
In minutes you'll be making MAGICAL MASTERPIECES.
Discovering and exploring patterns is a path to understanding how the world works. KALEIDODRAW repeats drawings around a point, spinning out ROSETTE PATTERNS, the kind you see in snowflakes, flowers, starfish, rose windows, plates, hubcaps . . . . even faces!
With a wide variety of PALETTES from which to choose, artists can make magic by drawing with colorful objects selected for the symmetries that they display.
SAVE and PRINT functions allow artists to keep their creations for posterity, use them in other programs, email to a grandparent, make scrapbooks & iron on transfers & greeting cards. The possibilities are as endless as the program.