Sell Karl Mayer Weft Insertion Machines

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From Paul Grant
Date 15 August 2007

This is a plant we have for sale in the USA. The plant is now stopped but the machines still stand in position on the mill floor.

We have photographs please request.

These machines are very versatile in as they can produce a wide variety of fabrics, i. e. , apparel, drapery, home furnishings, industrial goods. These machines have been well maintained and are in excellent condition. Nearest airport Charlotte USA.
Serial numbers.
Machine # 1 62620
Machine # 2 62931
Machine # 3 62934
Machine # 4 62927
Machine # 5 62932
Machine # 6 62621
Machine # 7 62928
Machine # 8 62926
Machine # 9 62159

9 Karl Mayer Weft Insertion Machines, Type RS4(6) MSU-NUE, 130", 6 Bar, 16gg (9NPI) , Compound Needle, Electronic Warp Tension Control, Batch Take Up, Composite Let Off Feed, 2 Creels; 1 Weft and 1 Warp. To include all spare parts, sample knitting machine, warper, warp beams, beam loading device, etc.
Price, Mill Floor, NC US$270,000.

Best Regards