Sell Keep-warm Coat

Keep-warm Coat You May Also Be Interested In: waterproof fabric
1) Voltage:DC7.4V 2) volume : HBH-II 4000ma/h
3) recharged voltage: 8.4-8.6v 4) recharged electricity :1.0-1.2 A
5) working electricity :{15mA 6) output power :15W (MAX)
1. make use of juicy peach waterproof fabric, long-time keep warm and also keep fit through the energy  
2. Fixed with low DC voltage , avoid the electromagnetic wave to be harm to body. 
3. Good soft heating matter , not impaired when folding and bending .
4. intelligent Li battery with four temperature controls , constant power output , automaticly keep warm, match a adaper8.6V/1.2A
5. Simply use , safe. when water washing , only need to get out off the heating patchs;