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A Kentucky operator proposes to drill up to 4,000 natural gas wells. They have leases on 20,000 acres in southeastern Kentucky and an option on 50,000 more. Drilling depths are relatively shallow at 2,200 ft. into the Devonian shale on virtually untapped land at the southern end of the Appalachian Basin; existing transportation pipeline is in much of the area keeping operating costs low. Operator has producing wells in the ground, a signed sale contract with vendor, and additional funds readily available for costs associated with setting pipelines to connect to the existing system. Recent investments by a global oil and gas company further validates the potential in this exciting project.

Geographical studies estimate the reserves in the southern end of the basin to be 2-3TCF. Flow rates are expected to be 50-500 MCFGPD. Devonian wells have proven to have very long lives with slow to non-existent decline rates after the initial burst. Highlights in a report complied just 4 years ago by Brandon C. Nuttall, of the Kentucky Geological Survey titled Estimated Proven Reserves in the Devonian Ohio/NewAlbany/Chattanooga Black Shale of Kentucky" are proven reserves of 9.81 trillion cubic feet of gas in the entire Appalachian Basin Devonian shales and a recoverability rate as high as 95%. Their average per well reserve base number of 350 MMCF and average flow rate of 300+ MCF per day.

Favorable returns are offered to investors who participate in this exciting venture. Complete PPM, additional due diligence, geographical studies and proven reserve information available upon request to accredited investors. Call for more information.