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1. Magnification of Eyepiece: 15X;
2. Total Magnification: 18X;
3. Illumination: 2X 6V/12W halogen bulb;

Measurement Range:
1. Radius of Curvature: 5.5-11mm;
2. Diopter: 30-60dpt;
3. Readings radius: 0.02mm;
4. Diopter: 2.25dpt;
5. Refractive index n used for compensation: 1.3375;
6. Minimum Surface required for measurement:
r=5.5mm x1.65mm
r=7.5mm x2.36mm
r=11mm x3.36mm
7. Angle Measuring Disc: 0~180;
8. Input Voltage: 220V;
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