Sell Keyboard Reader SAC-237

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Keyboard Reader, Support Minaret format IC card serial number decoding, 12V single power supply. Support 3 x 4 keyboard for password input. Support Wiegand26 or wiegand34 interface High reliable design and High sensitivity. Prevent damage from wrongly tying the power source and the data line. Far transportation range. Allocate wide voltage format. New shape. gentle line and lofty style.
*Description: It help to realize the function of opening" card punching; card
Punching +password; user No. +password
*Interface: Wigand, RS232, option.
*Operating card type: Mifare , EM, etc
*It is available with custom desire, to make the appearance
*Functioned the Reader to catch Pass-by from more than 0.9~1.2m within 0.1 second
*working temperacure:-20-60
*work as Garage/Industry/Barrier Multi-Access control and Time Attendance.
*1 Year Warranty