Sell Keychain with live mini pet plant

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It's a fact. . . Plants provide a positive energy and they bring life to just about any environment. Trouble is, over time they grow and grow. A new generation of plant life is now a reality. Introducing the Pet Plant!

A Pet Plant is a miniature plant that lives in a small glass tube. Imagine, this amazing living novelty can be hooked onto your key chain or it can be worn as a fashion accessory.

No water or mud is need. Each plant is vacuum sealed in its own little glass greenhouse where it gets its nutrients from a colorful gelatinous base at the bottom. This gelatinous base acts as potting soil that keeps the pet plant firm in place no matter how it becomes shaken or moved. A plant that is always with you, isn't that cool?

The life expectancy is about 6 months or maybe a bit longer. You can see the plant develop and grow over this time.

Packing Size:50*25*40cm/Carton(1000pcs)
Net Weight:14kg Gross Weight:15kg