Sell Kids walking woody bike

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A fresh idea on American shores, the woody bike has been used in Europe for years to teach children how to play on two wheels!

In short, woody bike is a bike without pedals. While we traditionally start two- or three-year-olds on tricycles and then move them to bikes with training wheels, then finally removing the training wheels, bike takes a different approach. Children learn to glide on two wheels and then add the pedaling motion later as they grow in to a bigger bike.

Our two-year-old daughter hopped on the Like a Bike right away. She walked along on her own and within a few weeks began picking up her feet and coasting on her own (the child propels the bike "Flinstone" style) . By learning to balance first and pedal later, children can learn to ride earlier and more easily while all the while having that "kid walking bike" look and feel.

The woody bike is made of beautiful birch wood and features pneumatic rubber tires. The seat is adjustable so that it can grow with children as old as 4. An added safety feature is that the front wheel can only turn slightly in each direction, thereby avoiding sudden turns and falls. Total weight is a mere 8 pounds. Please call us if you have any other questions about the Like a Bike, and be sure to check out the fun accessories we have to offer. Bike seat color is blue