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Black tea is a "true" tea (i. e. Camellia sinensis) made from leaves more heavily oxidized than the white, green, and oolong varieties. It is generally stronger in flavor and contains more caffeine than more lightly oxidized teas.
Black tea is what most people think of as tea. It consists of 80% of the worlds tea consumption. It is also Chinas largest tea export. It is also the most processed of all the teas thus it is fully fermented.
This is the only kind of tea that should be taken with milk and/ or sugar. It is common for black tea to be blended with other varieties to produce unique one of a kind flavors. It can also have dried fruits or flavorings added to give it that extra something that no other tea has.

Even though they are processed more than any other teas they can still be a healthy choice to contribute to a diet. Research has shown decreased stroke incidence in men is related to flavinoid intake which was found to come from black tea consumption.

The dry forms are dark brown to black and when brewed it produces a very dark brown color.

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