Sell King Size 100% Soft Fur Bedspreads & Comforters

King Size 100%  Soft Fur Bedspreads & Comforters You May Also Be Interested In: bedspreads bedspreads and comforters fur bedspreads fur comforters fur pelts
Made of whole dressed (tanned) male and female Real 100% fur pelts

Also available red fox, blue fox, silver fox, arctic fox, mink, chinchilla, wolf, beaver, sheared beaver, coyote, raccoon, lynx, lynxcat, bobcat,

King size 96 x 108 inches will cover bed and also the mattress and boxspring on the sides.

Available in all sizes and colors.

Commercial industrial Shipments can be as large as
required to department store chains and discount stores

No minimum order

Shipment world wide 3-5 day delivery by Global Express Mail Service

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Founded 1934

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Also available: fur pelts raw and dressed, tails of fox, sable, coyote, wold, beaver raccoon, marten, bobcat custom made coats, jackets, hats.
Brand Name
Palms Polar Pelts
Supply Capacity
1000 united per month
United States Government Wildlife Service
Available Colors
all colors
Condition of Goods
96 x 105 x 3
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment
T/T credit ards-paypal, check
Terms of Sale
c.i.f. wolrdwide by air
Warranty Coverage
United States Government Wildlife Service
3 kilograms