Sell Kitchen Aluminum Foil Rewinding Machine

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Our Automatic kitchen alu-foil rewinding machine:
Fully auto core loading, gluing, cross-cutting, slitting(margin) and rewinding of foil rolls;
Complete with meter cutting length control;
Combination of both Western & Asian Technologies on complete production and control;
With auto feeding aluminium foil speed control, alignment and adjustment;
High productivity and user-friendly; Switch between "m" to "ft"; Use servo control ;
Complete with all safety features ;
Customized build to respective buyers requirement;

Technical Data:
Aluminium foil thickness: 0.01mm to 0.02mm
Aluminum foil width: 250 - 600mm
Maximum unwind roll diameter: 600mm diameter
Aluminum foil roll core diameter: 75 to 76mm (core diameter)
Kitchen Reels Rewinding Core diameter: 24mm, 30mm, 38mm
Cross-cutting length per roll: 3m to 300m
Production Speed (basing 5m length per rolls) : Between 5-10 rolls / minute
Magnetic powder braker: 25 N. M
Magnetic powder clutch: 12N. M
Total Power: 4KW
Weight of machine 1500kg
Dimension of machine :(L x W x H) 4160mm x 1100mm x 1800m
Supply Capacity
10units per two month
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