Sell Kitchen Cabinets - 800Di (Xilundier)

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The lead of 2008 international subject Return to natural recover selfs original simplicity

Many vivid unique modelling are All uses the hand-planted and repeatedly polishes
made the 800Di series to be seemingly more perfect, slender

800Di is the representative of German Classicality Style
DEFURO designer based on yearn of the remote years
Plus German unsparing in the demand of handicraft made classicality maple
Display honorable classical qualities of classicality meaningful elegant
Deep Germanic classical model lampblack hood
Thick and heavy caving decorates board
Dynamic feeling of the advance guard and the silence consummation perfect combination
Give the ancient wood boundless life and vigour
Transcendent but no heavy and complicated, costly but solemn
Displaying host maturity, steady, decent, and honourable tolerance. .
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Supply Capacity
1,000 units per month
ISO 9001&3A2000, E1, ISO 14001, FIRA, LGA
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