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Product description:
The fast sharpener of the family use is specially designed to cutters such as the family, hotel, cafeteria and so on, which is a kind companion to the kitchen owing to that it can solve the whet a knife difficult problem , simply and effectively
1. Greater the hand distance is away from the blade, higher security is
2. The appearance of the kinesiology design is easy and smooth; while whetting cutter, it has moveable and you can feel extremely good
3. It can use on the table, take by the hand or hang in the air.
4. Adopting new patent alternate X slot design can rub and pare two-sidedly; when operate it is not only fast and safe but simple and healthy.
5. Color box package has two functions: one is to as a present; the other is to use by yourself.
Operation Instruction:
1. The left hand holds the handle of the sharpener, presses it on the table slightly;
2. The right hand puts the cutting edge on the mouth of the sharpener, makes an effort slightly to pull hereafter the knife, repeat several times,
1. Light pressure is sufficient; heavy pressure is not suitable while whetting;
2. In order to keep safe please pull it back and do not push forward when whet.
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