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We are group enterprise that produce and export china goods for many years. Now With the business sales market development, we open up new swimming series products-----kiteboard, welcome to e-mail us for more information.

We can produce and export many specifications of snowboard, fitting for adult and children use.

Surf board was traditionally a sacred piece of wood. Today, surfboards are made from different materials and come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, buying the right surfboard for yourself truly depends upon who you are and what you want. For some surfers, finding the perfect board can be a very personal experience.

Shortboards are considered the boards that can give a surfer the greatest versatility in performance, and come in many different designs. The dimensions and shape of the board can be altered depending upon the preferences as well as the height and weight of the rider. Most boards are around two meters long. Shortboard riding is faster and more athletic than longboard surfing.

Longboards come second after shortboards in number of designs. The modern longboard is lighter and more refined than its heavy, traditional predecessors. The best surfers often have speciality longboards that they can use on particular types of surf to obtain, hopefully, the best results. Longboarders rely on balance and grace in their surfing.

Fish boards are a design of a board that was popular over thirty years ago. Fish boards currently are popular among surfers of average ability and work best in surf conditions that are not too treacherous. An experienced surfer may try his luck with any board anywhere.

Kiteboarding - also known as kitesurfing or flysurfing is a relatively new sport that first gained popularity in the late 90's.

Kiteboarding is a mixture between windsurfing, surfing and wakeboarding. Different size kites allows you to kiteboard in various wind strengths. The bigger the kite, the lighter the wind you can go in and vice versa. With bigger kites you can get going in as little as 10 knots, and with smaller kites you can still sail along in strong winds of 35 knots or more
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