Sell Kiwi fruit and Strawberry

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Kiwi fruit and Strawberry
Kiwi fruit:
Size and packing: 25 27 30 33 36 39 42Pcs /3.5kg CTN 75 84 90 99 108 117 Pcs/ 10kg CTN
Supply time: Aug to next Feb

Frozen Strawberry
1. Spec:America#13 Diameter;15-35mm
2. Package:1*10kg/carton

IQF strawberries
Variety : All Star, A3, A6, A13, Darselect, Honey, Senga-Sengana,
Diameter: 15-25mm,25-35mm.
Packing: 1*10kg/carton, 4*2.5kg/carton, 10*1kg/carton or subject to buyer's request.