Sell Kodak Infrared Laser Film

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Infrared Laser Film is a medium contrast blue based film designed for use in laser imagers utilizing infrared laser diodes and will record a full range of images from computed tomography, MRI, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, computed radiography and digitized film images.
KODAK PROFESSIONAL High-Speed Infrared Film is a
high-speed film with moderately high contrast, sensitive to
light and radiant energy to 900 nanometres (nm) in
wavelength. It is useful for haze penetration and for special
effects in commercial, architectural, fine art, and landscape
photography. With development variations, you can use this
film for scientific, medical, aerial photography, and
document copying. You can also use it for
photomicrography, photomechanical, and remote-sensing
Infrared films are sensitive to infrared radiation, some
ultraviolet radiation, and to all wavelengths of visible
radiation (light) . They are not as sensitive to green light.