Sell Kogori ( Nose pendant)

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- For Snoring, Cold, Allergy and Nasal Congestions

1. Radiation 91% far-infrared ray and anion ( 1,500 ion/cc) .

2. Prevention from Respiratory organ diseases and effective to nasal by purifying and moisture controlling air inhaled through nose.

3. Confirmed sterilization of 97.6 % colitis bacterium and 99.8 % bacteria through test of antibiotic and sterilization effectiveness.

4. Antibiotic and sterilization effectiveness to respiratory organ disease has been proved and improving memory and suppressing snore have been proved through clinical test.

5. Prevention and treatment of cold, nasal and catarrh, specially prevention of sar by moisture control of air inhaled through nose prevention and a treatment, humidity control.


1. For symptom of respiratory organ disease, and when influenza prevailed, put on Kogori for longer than 30 minutes.

2. Put on Kogori for a longer time until effectiveness recognized well.

3. Put on Kogori all the time in region, where influenza and sar prevailed and season change period (temperature and humidity change period is always sensitive to respiratoy organ related with disease) .

4. You should put on KOGORI until the health is getting better and recovered well, if you get a nasal, catarrh and empyema, keep it put on for more than week.


Product Color: Ivory

Product Size : 20mm(W) X 18mm(L)

Weight: 1g

Certification: ISO 9001