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Kojic Acid
Kojic Acid is one of the most successful recent and natural skin whitening agents . It act as Tyrosinase inhibitors, similar to Arbutin which inactivate Tyrosinase by chelating with its vital cooper ion and suppressing the tautomerization from dopa chrome to DHICA, it also act as reducing agents on melanin intermediates, thus blocking the oxidation chain reaction at various points from tyrosine/DOPA to melanin. Thus the result is skin Lightening. Kojic acid is a UV absorber and is reported to inhibit Tyrosinase in the melanin pathway. This property of Kojic acid has led to its use in cosmetics formulation for helping de-pigmentation of the skin including whitening age spots and hyper pigmentation (brown spotting) . Kojic acid also has mild antibiotic properties.
(This product is produced by fermentation using Aspergilus orzae )

As skin whitening antiaging and lightening agents.
As plant growth-regulating agents.
As discoloration prevention agents of vegetables and foods.
As intermediate in synthesis
Diazo copying materials / Adhesives / Chelate-forming resins / Effective compound of cream protecting the skin against UV radiation / Inhibitory properties of melanine formation what helps to reach the skin whitening effect/ Inhibiting effect on dental carries and oral infections/ Analgetic and anti flammatory effect / Potential anticancerogenic effect
Anti microbial properties / Antibiotic modifiers / Improves stability of edible fats and oils
Solutions have anticorrosive properties / Principal constituent of protective gelatine emulsions and some copying materials in photography industry / Component for potential biodegradable biopesticides/ Antioxydant and many more

Application Dosage Effect
Flavoring 0.2% add luster
Vegetable 1.0% prevent discoloration
Flour production 0.1% prevent discoloration
Meat production 0.2% prevent discoloration
Syrup 0.05% prevent discoloration
Cosmetic 0.5-2.0% whitening agent
Plant growth regulating agent 0.005-0.01% increase production, early maturing, increase shugariness