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Kojic Acid

Chemical name:5-hydroxy-2-hydroxymethyl-4H-pyran-4-one
Molecular structure:C6H6O4
M. W.142.1
Melting point:153-1560C
CAS No.501-30-4
Toxicity data:LD502500-3500mg/kg


Item standard
Appearance white or cream color crystal or crystalline powder
Assay % >=99.0
Melting point0C 152-155
Loss on drying % <=0.5
Residue on ignition % <=0.1
Chloride % <=0.005
Heavy metals (as Pb) % <=0.001
Arsenic % <=0.0001
Iron (Fe) % <=0.001
Microbiological test comply

Packing: 1) fibre drum of 25kgs net with inner PE and tinfoil bag. 2)1kgs per tinfoil bag(pe bag inside) ,10bags in one carton

1) Daily chemicals material:
Because Kojic acid can inhibits caseinase activity, then inhibits skin melanin formation, kojic acid and it's derivatives widely used in high-quality skin lightening cosmetics, bath preparation and mouth or teeth care products. Cosmetics containing kojic acid can treat freckle, acne, pigmentation and macula effectively without any toxic and bad results, At present, kojic acid's use level added in comestics is to O.2-1.0 percent.
2) Medicine material:
Kojic acid and it's derivatives are used as an important material in antibiotic - cephamycin, anodyne, and antiphlogistic production.
3) Food additive:
Kojic acid and it's derivatives work as antiseptic, antioxidant, preservative and color stablizer in meat processing, also act as useful materials of food aromatizer - maltol and ethylmaltol.
4) Preservative and color stablizer of cut-flower:
Kojic acid and it's derivatives are added to cut-flower to keep flower colorful and fresh.
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