Sell Kojic acid

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Product name: Kojic acid
CAS No: 501-30-4 Structural formula:
Packing: 25kg (plastic bag) per carton.
Quality standard: The quality reaches Corporation standard

Usage: soluble in water, acetone, and alcohol; used in insecticides and as an antifungal and antimicrobial agent.

Appearance White crystal or crystalline powder
Assay%>= 99.0
Melting point0 152-155
Loss on Drying % <= 0.5
Residue on Ignition% <= 0.10
Chlorides% <= 0.005
Heavy Metal% <= 0.001
Iron% <= 0.001
Arsenic% <= 0.0001
Microbiological Test Bacteria: <=3000CFU/g
Coliform Group: Negative
Minimum Order Quantity