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Kojic Acid

Chemical Specification
Kojic Acid, Formal Name: 5-hydroxt-2-hydroxymethyl-4-pyrone; Molecular Weight:142.1; Appearance: Achromatic or light yellow prism crystal; Melting Point: 152 -155; Dissolving water, alcohol, acetone; Slightly dissolving ether, hexyl acetate, chloroform and pyridine; Non-dissolving benzene; Toxicity: LD 50 2500-3500mg/kg

Main Use and Application
Daily Chemicals Material:
Because Kojic Acid and its ramification can inhibit safest the melanin growing of body skin, and because Kojic Acid can inhibits caseinase synthesis, then inhibit skin melanin formation, Kojic Acid and its derivatives are widely used in high-quality brightening cosmetic , bath cream midtoothpaste, etc. The products containing Kojic Acid can treat freckle, acne, pigmentation and macula effectively without any toxic and ban results. At present, Kojic Acid's use cosmetic level added in comestic amounts to 0.3-1.8 percent.
Food Additive
Because its actions of antibacterial, antioxidative and color-care, Kojic Acid can be widely used in food aseptic, antioxidant of grease and food, antistaling agent of fruit and veggie, and color-care antistaling agent of meat products and marine products. Kojic Acid and its derivatives work as antissptic, antioxidant, preservative and color stabilizer in meat processing, also act as useful materials of food aromatizer-maltol and ethyimaltol.
Medicine Material
Kojic Acid and its derivatives are used as an important material in antibiotic-cethamycin, anodyne, and antiphlogistic production.
Preservative and Color stabilizer of Cut-Flower:
Kojic Acid and its derivatives are added to cut-flower to keep the flower colorful and fresh

Film Despecking Agent and Iron Analysis Reagent
In tinfoil bag: 1.0kg /bag; 2.0kg /bag
Total: 25kg /bucket; 20kg /bucket