Sell Ku Band Single Universal LNBF

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Special Features:
Input freq. Range:
Low band:10.70 to 11.80GHz
High band:11.70 to 12.75GHz
L. O. Frequency:
Low band:9.75GHz(1MHz25 degree Celsius)
High band:10.60GHz(1MHz25 degree Celsius)
L. O. Stability:
Low band:2MHz(-40to +70 degree Celsius)
High band:2MHz(-40to +70 degree Celsius)
Output freq. Range:
Low band:950 to 2,050MHz
High band:1,100 to 2,150MHz
Control signals:
Low band: Ca or Cb(seebelow)
High band: Ca and Cc or Cb
Noise figure:0.7dB typ.
Conversion gain:55dB typ.
Input VSWR:2.5:1
Output VSWR:2.0:1(max)
Output connector: F-female connector
Output impedance:75 ohms typ.
Cross polar isolation:20dB(min)
Image rejection:45dB
Phase noise:
-50dBc 1KHz
-75dBc 10KHz
-95dBc 100KHz
Supply voltage:
Ca:11.5 to 14.0V(ver)13 VDC typ. Cb:16.0 to 19.0V(hor)18 VDC typ
Cc: Continuous 22KHz
Operating temperature: -40 to +70 degree Celsius
Storage temperature: -40 to +80 degree Celsius
Relative humidity:0% to 95%
Size:136mm x 53mm x 53.6mm