Sell L-Ascorbate-2-polyphosphate

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Molecular Formula: C6H9O9P
Molecular Weight: 256.11
This product is cream-colored or light yellow dry powder. It is hard soluble in water and stable in air. The main element VC is transformed from polyphosphate and protects the VC not broken from the numerator level. This product is quite stable, the living creature utilization is high and it is flexible and convenient for use.
Quality standard: It confirms to enterprise quality standard.
Quality Standard of L-Ascorbate-2-polyhosphate
Item Index
Exterior cream-colored or light yellow powder
Assay >=35%VC
PH 8.011
LOD <=6.0%
Lead <=40 PPM
Arsenic <=10 PPM
Heavy Metals and Arsenic match the standard of the animal medicine
Granularity >=95% through 60 MESH
Packing: Inside packing--edible polyethylene plastic film.
Outside packing-carton. N. T. : 25 KG. G. W. : 26.5 KG

Usage: Be used as a new animal feed additive, it can be applied to prepare all kind of feeding stuff widely, aquatic product animal feed, also can apply in the damp-dry canned animal feed.

Storage and transportation requirements:
It must be stored in cool and dry warehouse of ventilation. It cannot be mixed with poisonous. The temperature must be not higher than 30oC. Transportation is the same as storage. The valid date is two years under the original package.