Sell L-Glutamine

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Generic Name: L-Glutamine
English Name: L-Glutamine
Structural Formula:

Molecular Formula: C5H10N2O3
Description: A crystalline powder without odor and poison, soluble in water, almost insoluble in methanol, ethanol, aether, benzene, acetone, ethyl acetate and chloroform. melting point is between 1850 and 1860.
Pharmacology and use: L-Glutamine is one of the 20 amino acid which is necessary for the protein of human body. L-Glutamine plays an important role in life activities, which is not only a kind of important biochemical reagent, but also a kind of drugs having a good future. L-Glutamine can be used to treat gastric ulcer and chronic gastritis effectively due to its physiological function of regenerating digestive apparatus mucosa.
In addition, it can also accelerate the growth of brain, treat neurasthenia, ameliorate the mental disorder because of cerebral hemorrhage , prevent the outbreak of cancer pain, maintain the normal function of kidney, pancreas, cholecyst and liver.
packing specification: 25Kg / carton barrel.
Storage: In airtight containers, at dry place.
Validity: 3 years.