Sell L-XH600 Walk-Through metal detector

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Main technique parameter

Power supply:AC220V f:50HZ

The consume:The 50 Ws of P <=


Shoot the frequency:6.99-11 KHZs 8 can be provided to choose frequency

A passage size inside the body:7551 cmses of Ws of 200 Ws

A side size with outside body:8651 cmses of Ws of 220 Ws

Niche:From bottom highest divide 6 independent niches.

The second electronics limited company of LIN2 SHI4 FAN4 of laurel researches to manufacture a niche metals with many set to probe into the door( Anne check door) , throwing in the market in 2000. The XH600 department

The row metals probes into the door is the new generation high performance metals to probe into the instrument, that product is six, whole probe into the passage inside bottom-up even divide equally

For six probe into the area independently, because of the adoption advanced of tiny chip processing technique, the intelligent degree is very high, having no blind spot in probe into area, nonexistent special intelligent area and

Special weak area, at all point probe into the even to good very much, ability direct the manifestation reports to the police the concrete position of the metal place, give checked the personnel to bring the tremendous convenience, lift

High the personnel passes the rate. The front-panel design simple and direct understand, operation convenience, whole beauty enduring.

Function characteristics:
◎ Six lap over mutually of probe into the district, the position of the accurate judgment metals product

◎ Probe into the area inside have no blind area, nonexistent special intelligent area or special weak area

◎ The trumpet report to the police and the front-panel indicator the direct manifestation reports to the police the district

◎ Two pedestals or many pedestal metalseses probe into the door and can work at the same time

◎ Did not need the beginning to start to turn or periodical school precise

◎ 100-256 intelligent degree of classes, free choice

◎ 10 classes report to the police continuously time, report to the police the voice adjustable

◎ Are harmless to the human body and the magnetism products

◎ All parameters are all programmable to prepare to establish, to satisfy various usage request of the customer

◎ Entering to weave distance can from particularly take care of the personnel operation, keep outsider from revise work parameter

◎ 4 intelligences turn to report to the police to count the machine, statisticsing to pass the number automatically

◎ Probe into the all and very high and intelligent degree to all metalses, the misinformation rate is very low

◎ A body adopts the special material manufacturing, the ability is in damply, dry bad environment of etc. normal usage