Sell L-threonine, USP Grade (feed grade, feed additives, C4H9NO3, amino acid)

L-threonine, USP Grade (feed grade, feed additives, C4H9NO3, amino acid) You May Also Be Interested In: amino acid aminobutyric acid feed additives l threonine threonine
Name: L-Threonine((Beta) -hydroxyl-(Alpha) aminobutyric acid)
CAS NO: 72-19-5
Molecular weight: 119.12

Appearance: White or light-brown crystal or powder
Loss on drying: 1.0% Max
Residues on ignition: 0.5% Max
Assay: 98.5% Min
Specific rotation: -26.7 -29.6
Heavy metals: 10PPM Max
Arsenic: 2PPM Max
PH: 5.0-6.5

25kg in a compound bag.
One 20'FCL can load 20 tons L-Threonine(Feed Grade) .

As amino acid for forge, threonine is widely added in the forage for newborn pig, covering pig, poultry, shrimp, eel and so. It can:
(1) Keep the balance of amino acids in the forage and stimulate the growth of the animals;
(2) Improve the meat quality;
(3) Increase the nutritive value of forage raw materials which have low amino acid digestibility;
(4) Apply to the production low-protein forage;
(5) Cut down the cost of raw materials for forage;
(6) Decrease the nitrogen content in the excrement and urine of animals so that the release of ammonia is slowed and the ammonia concentration is kept low in animal shed.
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