Sell L208 self-defender

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Main index sign
1. direct current power supply electric voltage: 4.8V
2. output the electric voltage: 20 kv
3. consume the electric current:
electric shock the hour is smaller 2.0A
illuminate smaller 1.4A
4. refresh the electric current: 200mA
5. refresh the electric voltage: 110V
6. refresh time: 8-10 hours
7. refresh the hours environment temperature: 0-40 Celsius degree
Operation method and announcements:
1. for insuring the batterys new battery(or a few months have no the usages battery) . Usage of the best function, suggestion to refresh 14 hours before and at least, but cant exceed the half the number 24 hours.
2. open the positive power supply to turn a switch, instruction the light bright, can immediately press key the function the present the draft the usage to illuminate, electric shock, urge the etc. , and urge the valid distance 3-5 rice, cant against the wind use.
3. usage electric shock the hour slice to hate the shot to beat the metals, then result in short circuit but damage product.
4. the product cant put in the damp place, and not want the to bask, rain pour, and dont put in the high low temperature environment.
5. can refresh the pond to have from turn on electricity the characteristic with remember the function, and deposit the every month should refresh a time, before the beard will give or get an electric shock to finish putting, and would otherwise shorten the service life.
Special advice
The extra high voltage apparatus only used for to against, and cant as ones pleases harm the person, to child, old man, heart patient cannot usage, spray fog the prohibition against affray the usage, otherwise the result is complacent.
If there is unknown place and product after-sales service, please contact with dealer.
Supply Capacity
1000 Per Month
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Warranty Coverage
1 year