Sell L7022 series Long-distance microwave image transmission system

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1, Overview
L7022 series long-distance microwave image transmitting system work in L waveband (1.0~1.6GHz) , owning the advantage of compactness, lightness, and portability. According to the sending power, now there are L7022-60, L7022-300, L7022-1, L7022-3 and so on. It is an ideal equipment for one-point to one-point, multi-point to one-point and one-point to multi-point transmission.
2, System function and characteristics
Be able to transmit one-line video and one-line audio at the same time, and also can transmit multi-lines audio at once time

Small volume, light weight, portable, convenient to install and modulate.

Stable and reliable performance, high-quality transmission, strong anti-interference

Be able to relay for many times, suitable for long-distance transmission

Bi-directional transmitting controlling signal and image signal

Be able to realize unattended operation

3, main technology index

Working frequency range: 1.0~1.6GHz
Output power: 30mw, 300mv, 1w, 3w
Divided gain DG: <=3%
Video frequency level: 1Vpp/75(Ohms)
Central frequency stability: 10-5
Modulation method: FM-FM
Divided phase DP: <=3o
Audio frequency level: 2.2VPP/600(Ohms) (non-balanced)