Sell L96G Peliter based PCR

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Specification :

Heating and Cooling Technology Newest Gerneration Peliter_based
Block Capacity 96wellsC0.2ml+77wellsC0.5ml
Sample Capacity 0.2ml PCR tubes,0.5ml PCR tubes,8 Strips, 12 Strips, 96wells PCR plate, In_situ Plate
LCD Display 5.7b diagonal illuminated color display (320C240 pixel, 256 color)
Language Biligual:English and Chinese
USB flash drive Unlimited with USB flash drive expansion
Ports USB2.0 Host and RS232
In_Situ Function Available with a set of additional In-situ Plate
Gradient Accuracy <=B10.3B0C(35B0C-99.9B0C)
Column Uniformity <=B10.3B0C(30 sec after reach temperature point set)
Gradient Range 30B0C--99.9B0C
Temp. Differential Range Max. 30B0C
Gradient Capability 12 Column(Vertical)
Block Temperaturer Range 0B0C--100B0C
Max. Block Heating Rate Up to 3B0C/sec
Max. Block Cooling Rate Up to 2B0C/sec
Block Uniformity <=B10.2B0C(30 sec after reach Temperaturer point set)
Block Accuracy <=B10.2B0C(35B0C-100B0C)
Display Resolution 0.1B0C
Mode of Temperature Control Sim-tube & Block mode
Ramping Rate Adjustable Yes
Memory 120 programms installed, unlimited with USB flash drive expansion
Max. Step 30 Steps, multiple nesting cycle available
Max. Cycle Normal cycle 100(multiple nesting cycle 60000)
Time Increment/Decrement 1--120 sec, Long PCR available
Temp. Increment/Decrement 0.1--10.0B0C, Touchdown PCR available
Auto Pause Yes
Auto Restart Yes
Hold at 4B0C Yes, Forever
Running Time Display Yes
Real Time Display Yes, Battery Buffered
Height of Heated Lid Fully Adjustable Lid, accomodates a wide range of PCR tubes and plates
Heated Lid Temperature 30B0C--105B0C adjustable
Auto Shut-Off When Block Temp. is below 30B0C or after finish running
Input Power Wide Range Power Supply B 110VB110%, 220VB125%,50-60HZ
Power Max. 600W
Dimension(LCWCH) 335C240C270mm
Net Weight 9.8kgs
Additional Function The model could be updated as Multi-Purpose L96G/Y after additional purchase of set of In-situ Plate