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Unique Functions
1. Fully insect-proof design to avoid various breakdowns of the scale caused by the incursion of insects, which is especially important for aquaculture departments. (Sole patent)
2. Originally-developed innovative removable and renewable hot keypad (112x2 hot keys) , which can be easily replaced even it is soaked (Sole patent) . The layout of hot keypad can be easily edited by the software and be printed immediately so that the cashier can operate the ECR expertly by pressing the single key without having to memorize and enter the several-digit part No, Which will not lead to misinput and slow operation causing a long queue of waiting customers.
3. Super number of 112 hot keys (the hugest number in the world) , which can also be shifted to 224 PLU by pressing the second function button.
4. Each PLU can apply the different barcode format independently (for instance: EAN13 codes with weight or price, or 18 codes) , which solved the problem of the code format selection of self-marketing products, perishable goods and selling goods on a commission basis.
5. It is convenient and flexible to independently apply different weight units for pricing purpose in one single scale (such as gram, 100 grams, 500 grams, kg, OZ and LSB) .
6. Apart from Ethernet, it's also convenient to meet the requirement of adding scales temporarily by establishing RS network(5 sets of scales, Maximum) via parallel connection.
7. Capable of printing batch serial no. (sole-innovative patent in the world) , which realizes the batch management on the purchase date and fresh status of perishable foods (such as vegetables, meats, etc. ) . With this function, the unit price can automatically depreciate by the pre-set program according to the fresh status of food during price tag replacement, so as to avoid rotten foods caused by forgotten.
8. Originally-developed label scale in the world based on the design idea of POS network management. With the PLU management software, network management software, label edit software and 18 barcodes function, the perishable foods can be merged into the sale, purchase & inventory management system, so as to solve the black hole problem in perishable foods management of supermarket.
9. The first label scale with logo edit software, which can adjust the label size (30x30mm ~ 55x60 mm) to reduce the label paper cost (15~50%) to the lowest point.