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We would like to introduce our industrial park for hired and we hope this openning letter will be important document for you at present and fulture.
Thanh An Industrial park is approved investment of Vietnam Government; and be invested by us  Property company.
1/. Possition:
Thanh An I. P stayed in Nam Dinh city - Nam Dinh province. It have 3km distance from Nam Dinh city center. 4 directions of Thanh An I. P is besided asphalt road: (10m, 12m, and No.10 Nation Road 46m, 46m wide) . And Dao river beside Thanh An I. P.
Favorable Possition for transporting goods: can transport by road, river, sea, railway.
2/. Designed for building: 99ha in period 1.
Thanh An I. P is designed as Clean and green Industrial Park non-effeted pollution; it is designed underground for all of infrastruture system (electrical, communication, ) . Trees and grasss is growed every place and some human lake to make clean  fresh environment.
Treatment Waste water factory will treat all of waste water for all of factory following EU standard and Vietnam standard.
All of factory land for hired is designed beside road.
3/. Services:
Services in Industrial Park is best to guarantee that investor only concentrated in their manufacturing and dont care of un-manufacturing: licences, trainning and choosing labours, employee life and ectMany services will be fee and some items will collect fees.
4/. Price:
Unitprice:USD 0.6/m2/year
Value: USD30/m2/ 50 years
Management  using infrastructure fees: USD 0.28/m2/year.
- This is standard price,
- Price for infrastructure system put besides factory fence,
- Price was included VAT. Price will change depend on payment terms,
- Management  using infrastructure fees: these fee will use for board of management each year, maintain infrastructure system, securirty 
5/. Incentives Policies of government for Thanh An I. P
- Import tax: duty fee for all of fix asset of factory
- Export tax: duty fee
- Profit tax: duty 2 years when investor have profit. Decrease 50% for next 6 years.
- Transfer profit to overseas profit tax: duty fee.

Thanh An I. P Board of Management
Tran Dinh Van/CEO