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1 The lane traffic signal light be control by the driveway controller , The lane traffic signal light has the fit outside cover to avoiding the sun light and illuminating immediacy irradiate the surface of signal light manifestation plank.
2 The lane traffic signal light adopts extremely high and bright degree red and green semi-conductor of the Japanese Riya company irradiation light diode to constitute pixel,
Detailed introduce:
main technique index
1, High red light source of LED: 26 mm Diameter. contain 5 high red LED: Light source wavelength:626nm: Bright degree:9300 mcd; Half value Cape: >= 300
2, Extremely high and bright pure green light source of LED: The 26 mm diameter, comprise 3 pure green LED: Light source wave-length: 520 nm : Bright degree ~>4000mcd; The half value Cape: >=300
3, Shape size: 300 x 300 x 85mm
4 Seal sex: IP65
5 Power supply: 220V+20%. 50HZ
6 Rating electric current: 1.2 A
7 Function consume: < 10W