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Model #: LP-05 Kit
Laptop notebook power charger kit, including:
1. Power adapter with AC/DC input, DC output for laptop computer, USB output (use together with USB cable and charge your other devices, such as mobile phone, MP3, digital camera, etc. )
2. Retractable and removable DC power output cable, expands to 150cm length
3. Retractable and removable AC power input cable, expands to 100cm length.
4. Retractable and removable DC (car) power input cable, expands to 150cm length. Charge in car, boat, RV (Recreational Vehicle) outlets.
5. Interchangeable adapter tips, works with most major notebook brands
1. Input Voltage:
- INPUT 1: 100-240 VAC; INPUT 2: 12-24 VDC
2. Output:
- Output 1 (for computer) : 19VDC, 70watts, 3.42A Max;
- Output 2 (USB port, for other device) : 5.2 VDC, 1A Max