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Here is our laptops price list: MOQ 5 laptops

Sony slim VAIO pcg-z1va centrino 1--- 500 eur
Sony VAIO pcgtr5mp--- 550 eur
Sony VAIO pcgtr2mp--- 450 eur
Sony VAIO pcg21xsp--- 450 eur
Sony VAIO pcggrt9962p-500 eur
Sony VAIO pcgv505dp-- 450 eur
Sony VAIO pcgz1xmp--- 400 eur
Sony VAIO pcggrt916z--400 eur
Sony VAIO vgna117s--- 500 eur
Sony VAIO pcggrt916v- 500 eur
Sony VAIO pcgk115z--- 500 eur
Sony VAIO pcgk115s--- 450 eur
Sony VAIO vgna115b--- 500 eur
Sony VAIO pcgk115m--- 500 eur
Sony VAIO pcgk115b--- 500 eur
Sony VAIO pcggrt996zp-400 eur
Sony VAIO vgna197xp---500 eur
Sony VAIO vgna197vp---550 eur
Sony VAIO pcggrt996vp-500 eur
Sony VAIO vgna195hp---500 eur
Sony VAIO vgna195ep---500 eur
Sony VAIO pcggrt995mp-450 eur
Sony VAIO pcgk195hp---400 eur

Acer ferrari 3000---400 eur
Acer ferrari 3200---500 eur
Acer aspire 1350----400 eur
Acer aspire 1500----420 eur
Acer aspire 1510----450 eur
Acer aspire 1620----470 eur
Acer aspire 1700----500 eur
Acer aspire 1710----520 eur
Acer aspire 2010----550 eur
Acer aspire 2020----530 eur
Acer travelmate c300--500 eur
Acer travelmate 240---400 eur
Acer travelmate 250---450 eur
Acer travelmate 2500--600 eur
Acer travelmate 290---470 eur
Acer travelmate 370---480 eur
Acer travelmate 6000--450 eur
Acer travelmate 660---450 eur
Acer travelmate 8000--400 eur
Acer travelmate 800---400 eur
Acer travelmate c110--400 eur

IBM thinkpad r40e---400 eur
IBM thinkpad r50e---420 eur
IBM thinkpad r51----450 eur
IBM thinkpad r50p---450 eur
IBM thinkpad g40----400 eur
IBM thinkpad x31----500 eur
IBM thinkpad x40----550 eur
IBM thinkpad t41----500 eur
IBM thinkpad t41p---550 eur

Toshiba portege m100---500 eur
Toshiba portege m200---500 eur
Toshiba portege r100---550 eur
Toshiba portege a100---500 eur
Toshiba satellite p10--450 eur
Toshiba satellite a20--470 eur
Toshiba satellite p30--500 eur
Toshiba satellite a40--550 geur
Toshiba satellite m30--580 eur
Toshiba satellite pro m30-620 eur
Toshiba satellite pro a40-600 eur
Toshiba satellite pro a10-600 eur
Toshiba tecra m1---500 eur
Toshiba tecra m2---550 eur

HP pavilion zx5000ea---400 eur
HP pavilion zd7000ea---450 eur
HP pavilion ze5600ea---420 eur
HP pavilion zt3100ea---470 eur
HP pavilion zv5000ea---500 eur
HP pavilion zd7100ea---520 eur
HP pavilion ze4700ea---400 eur
HP pavilion ze5700ea---450 eur
HP pavilion zd7100ea---560 eur
HP pavilion zt3200ea---500 eur
HP pavilion zx5100ea---550 eur
HP pavilion zv5100ea---520 eur

All our products are new, factory sealed, with one year internacional warranty, with original accesories and manuals.

There are 3 options of delivery services that are very
- UPS 2 days air insured
- fedex 2 days air insured
- dhl insured
The shipping, handling and insurrance is incluided in the price.

If you wish to use Escrow, an advance* has to be provided via paypal (so you can still be protected) . This because when the merchandise exits our warehouse, there has to be a deposit made to justify the exit of that merchandise, it is taken by us as an advance, to be later paid in full by the escrow company .
*Depends on your total parchase. Our sales executive will tell you the exact number.

Return policy
As soon as the notebooks arrives, you will test it and if it does not matches 100% to your expectations, you can return it in max.5 days since the arrival date.
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