Sell LB Colour&Pigmentation Pearl Pigment

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Pearlescent pigment is mica flake coated with titanium oxide or ferric oxide which shows pearlescent or matallic lustre, it is widely used in fields such as: plastic, painting , coating, ink, cosmetics, leather, paper manufacture etc, making the products more attractive and creating unique characteristics for superior products. In order to meet aesthetic demands and create a radiant impact for your products, Goldland pearlescent pigments can enhance your brand and differentiate your products. And it can create a wide variety of effects, from a gentle pearl--like luster to a sparkling rainbow. Goldland pearlescent pigment is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-conductive and environmentally safe.
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Color & pigmentation series
LB400B Pure Blue
LB415 Magic red
LB418 Rose red
LB419 Magic violet
LB402 Silver black
LB410 Bronze-brown
LB424 Violet
Brand Name
38x 38x 48
Model Number