Sell LB Mica pearl luster pigment

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Silver white pearl pigments are made of mica flakes coated with Tio2. It can show shimming luster and soft silk luster. The specification is variety. If you are interested, feel free to contact me!

LB100 silver white pearl 10-60um Bright pearl luster
LB101 anatase white pearl 30-70um Anatase, sparkle pearl luster
LB103 rutile stering silver 10-60um rutile pearl luster, excellent weather-proof
LB104 silk silver white 10-40um, rutile, white luster
LB110 silver fine satin < 15um, bland white luster, excellent coverage
LB111 Silver white satin < 15um rutile, bland satin luster
LB120 Luster satin, 5-25um, bland pearl luster, better coverage
LB121 Rutile luster satin, 5-25um, better weather-proof, satin luster, better coverage
LB153 flash pearl 20-100um, Better transparent, silver-white sparkle
LB173 (Silk pearl, 10-40um, Excellent silk luster)