Sell LB Mica pearl luster pigment

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We are introducing ourselves as one of the leading manufactures and exporters of PEARLESCNT PIGMENT in China. And we would like to enter into business reactions with you.
Now I would like to recommend our pearl pigment to you. they can be used in the lines of paint, plastic, inking, leather, printing, dyeing, rubbing, papermaking, cosmetics etc. We can offer you pigment with best quality and very competitive price. Here with our best sellers:
Silver white pearl luster
LB120 Luster satin
LB173 Silk pearl
LB100 Silver white pearl
LB104 Silk silver white
LB151 Luster pearl
LB153 Flash pearl
Rainbow pearl luster
LB205 Platinum pearl
LB215 Red pearl
LB218 Bright red pearl
LB219 Violet pearl
LB225 Blue pearl
LB235 Green pearl
LB201 Fine gold satin
LB211 Red satin
LB223 violet satin
Gold pearl luster
LB300 Gold pearl
LB302 Gold stain
LB303 Royal gold
LB304 Mayan gold
LB305Aztec gold
LB306 Olympic gold
LB307 Turquoise gold
LB308 Classical gold
LB351 Sunny gold
Color & pigmentation pearl luster
LB400B Pure Blue
LB415 Magic red
LB418 Rose red
LB419 Magic violet
LB402 Silver black
LB410 Bronze-brown
LB424 Violet
Mica iron metal pearl luster
LB500 Bronze
LB502 Red-Brown
LB504 Wine red
LB505 Mauve
LB508 Bluish brown
LB522 Red-brown satin
LB524 Wine red satin
LB533 Glitter purplish red
LB534 Glitter wine red
Any orders you may play with us will have our prompt attention.
Waiting for your early reply.
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