Sell LB Pearlescent pigment

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We specialized in manufacturing mica titanium pearlescent pigment. Now we can supply more than 100 specifications. They can be widely used in the fields of ink, plastics, leather, painting, paperpacking, cosmetics and so on.

LB 100, Bright pearl luster, widely used
LB 101 Anatase, sparkle pearl luster
LB 103 Rutile sterling silver, Rutile pearlluster, excellent weather-resistant
LB 120 Bland pearl luster, better coverage
LB 150 Sparkle pearlluster
LB 153 Better transparent, silver-white sparkle
LB201 Rutile, Gold by reflection, lilac transmission, bland luster
LB205 Rutile, Platinum gold by reflection, purple transmission, bright luster

LB215, Rutile, Red by reflection, green transmission, bright luster
LB225, Rutile, Blue by reflection, orange transmission, Bright luster
LB235, Rutile, Green by reflection, red transmission, bright luster
LB219, Rutile, Violet by reflection, yellow-green transmission, bright luster
LB259, Rutile, Red by reflection, green transmission, sparkle luster

LB 300, Metallic gold appearance, bright highlights luster
LB 301 Bright luster, deep, Metallic gold effect
LB 305 Intense, deep, bright red-gold effect
LB 308 Bright luster, bright greenish-gold effect
LB 351 Metallic, sparkle gold effect

LB 323 Bland luster, reddish, gold pearl effect
LB 355 Special sparkle luster, gold effect
LB 500 Bright metal luster, intense bronze effect
LB 502 Bright metalluster, intense red-brown effect
LB 504 Bright metalluster, intense wine red effect, excellent coverage
LB 505 Bright metalluster, intense mauve effect
LB 508 Bright metalluster, intense blue-russet effect
LB 509 Bright metalluster, intense blackish green effect

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