Sell LC1-D series AC contactor

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LC1-D series A. C. contactors are suitable for frequency 50/60Hz, rated insulation voltage up to 1000V, rated operation current 9~330A under AC-3 duty. It is mainly used for making/breaking electric circuits at a long distance & for frequent starting/stopping & controlling A. C. Motors. It is used in combination with thermal relay to compose a magnetic motor starter, so. The products accords with such standards as IEC60947-4-1 & GB14048.4.

Auxiliary contacts for 9-32A,1NC and 1NO instantaneous incorporated in the contactors, with add-on blocks common to the whole;
Auxiliary contacts for 40-150A, range comprising up to 4N/C or N/O instantaneous, up to 1N/O+1N/C time delay and up to 2N/O or N/C protected contacts and 2 screen continuity terminals.
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