Sell LC1-F AC Contactor (LC1-F630)

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LC1-F series AC contactor is applicable to the circuit up to the rated voltage 1000V AC 50Hz or 60Hz, Rated current up to 780A, for long distance breaking circuit and frequently starting or control the motor. It also can be used for the control of distribution circuits of rated current form 200A to 1600A.

Poles: 3P, 4P
LC1-F115 Rated current: 115A Coil: LC1-FF
LC1-F150 Rated current: 150A Coil: LC1-FF
LC1-F185 Rated current: 185A Coil: LC1-FG
LC1-F225 Rated current: 225A Coil: LC1-FG
LC1-F265 Rated current: 265A Coil: LC1-FH
LC1-F330 Rated current: 330A Coil: LC1-FH
LC1-F400 Rated current: 400A Coil: LC1-FJ
LC1-F500 Rated current: 500A Coil: LC1-FK
LC1-F630 Rated current: 630A Coil: LC1-FL
LC1-F780 Rated current: 780A Coil: LC1-FX

Coil voltage: 24V 36V 48V 110V 220V 240V 380V 415V
50Hz 60Hz 50/60Hz

Interlock type:
LC2-F115, 150, 185, 225, 265, 330, 400, 500, 630, 780
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