Sell LCD Disk reader for old embroidery machine

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A portable peripheral for embroidery data transfer that connects to both new & old style embroidery machines. Hand-in-hand work with machines of tajima, barudan, happy, industrial quality and trouble-free.

Simply connect the diskette reader to the embroidery machine via a reader cable, easy and immediate solution no more downtime, you can continue to transfer design data as built-in floppy drive did, while it it can reads both dd &hd disks and store more stitches

Connect tajima, barudan, happy paper tape readers, to convert paper tape patterns to disks, no more winding tape and slow speed!
Unique features & powerful functions:

Reliability: All material and components are industrial quality, it runs in any working environment. No mechanical part, so you will not have the spare part problem. Reasonable power range from ac80v-240v,50hz-400hz, automatically adjustment.

Compatibility: One diskette reader with connection to four types of machines is also available for those factories that own more than one type of embroidery machines. Auto-recognition of all popular diskette formats, allowing efficient and profitable contract embroidery business.

Easy to use: Simple plus user-friendly control panel and LCD display, all operations are just on fingertips.

Intelligent functions:

- 5"color LCD displays patterns in a colorful way
- read pattern from disk and output them to the embroidery machine of tajima, barudan, happy or richpeace machine through a cable.
- simply select function in menu with a brief, convenient interface.
- sense automatically and read all popular pattern format from disk.
- possible to convert pattern between different format, copy patterns between disks.
- auto identify disk of dsb, dst, fdr, fmc, zsk, meico, exp and other popular formats.
- easy to convert tape paper patterns to disk through an external tape reader
- effective memory available to 320,000 stitches,15 patterns for permanent storage
- different speed available for transmission of floppy design data to machine
- rotate and transform of the pattern file in 8 directions
- conventional functions of computer:
A. List pattern names, characteristics as: +/-x, +/-y, total stitches, total pattern color,
B. Type of floppy disk format: T, dfr, fmc, zsk, exp
C. Delete pattern selected, clean a whole disk or clean the disk reader memory
D. Copy single pattern or a whole disk
E. Clean the drive head