Sell LCD TV Driver Card TD-AV001

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Product Series Number: TD-AV001
Product Name: cx32(without HDMI domestic edition)
Product Solution: TRADIENT CX32
Product Classify:TV Driver Card
Driver Screen Interface: LVDS(8bit)
Screen Match Parameter:26-42

Function Technique reference
Power Model External Power
Input Voltage DC 12V /5V STB
Model Start-up model, Electrify model, Standby model
Standby Power Consumption Standby Power Consumption<=3W
All Function Remote Controll Support
Sound System DK; BG; I; L/L'M; N.
Row Frequency 30-80KHZ
Field Frequency 56-75HZ
Audio Power Consumption 2*1.5W or 2*3W (may choose)
Channel No. 100
Tune Model Frequency Synthesis
Language Simplified character, English
Sound Manage Undertone/ Alt/Balance
Equalizer Yes
Input Signal VGA, AV input/output, YPBPR input, TV, Earphone
output, S-VIDEO
High Definition

Earphone Yes(may choose)
Plug and Play Support