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Main Selling Points: 2 in 1 Mouse & Skype Phone, Filp stype, LCD Display and keypad

The ultimate accessory for the traveling business person

This is one of the hottest products to hit the shelves recently. A USB 800 dpi Optical mouse with built in "Skype" flip phone. An absolute must for the travelling business person to keep in regular contact with their office while travelling throughout the country or even abroad. You can have endless free calls to your friends and family too right from your Laptop!
With any travelling business person who carries a Laptop almost always you carry a mouse. This product combines that same mouse but also an additional Flip Phone. No need to carry a Headset & Mic, no need to carry a stand alone USB VoIP phone, this is an all in one unit. Saves space and weight in your bag and have the flexibility of being able to answer a call the moment your laptop is switched on and the mouse is plugged in.
The weight of this Skype Mouse is just 115 Grams ! Opening/closing the phone will open/close Skype.
This is a high quality optical USB mouse with VoIP phone features. It can transform into a VoIP phone with just a flip of the cover. The fully functional keypad and the LCD screen enable you to make/receive VoIP calls even easier. Just plug it into your PC or laptop, and then you can enjoy the full features of Skype and many other popular VoIP applications such as VoipButser, VoipStunt, VoIPCheap, WebCallDirect, VoipCheapCom, and FreeCall, etc.