Sell LDO, Digital audio frequency output solutions

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BIFORST series provides digital audio frequency output solutions, using digitizing signal processes (DSP) technology and provides digital audio frequency input (e. g. I2S, S/PDIF K etc) interface. Digital amplifier signals can use CD, DVD, MP3 player or digital type radio outputs to the speaker effectively. Its function far surmounting the general analog (A type, B type, AB type) amplifier .

Operation Voltage Range:
- Digital Amp: 3.0 ~ 3.6V
- Speaker Driver: 3.0 ~ 5.5V
Speaker Driver :
- Include Two-Channel Speaker Driver
- 1W at 5V each channel
Operation Frequency Range:
- 11.2896MHz (When In CD 44.1KHz Sample Rate)
- 12.288MHz (When In DAT 48KHz Sample Rate)
- Sample Rate x 256
BTL Function :
- Two-Channel Speaker Driver Switch to Mono Output
- Can Select One Of Two Channels As Input Signal
- Driving Capacity Up to 1.5W at 5V
Audio Data Input Interface:
- I2S Audio Data Format Input
- Left-Justified Audio Data Format Input
- Right-Justified Audio Data Format Input
Audio Volume Control:
- Include 32-Level Digital Audio Volume Control

Suitable for any electrical appliances, PC peripheral, multimedia products that require audio frequency processing, other high-end consumer electronic products and so on .