Sell LE-2 3D laser subsurface engraving machine

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3D laser marking system from Lelee laser technology Ltd. adopts advanced laser marking technique to sculpture symbols, photo, and two- or three-dimensional images inside of transparent glass. It is a flexible marking system of modular construction. It consists of a laser module and scanning module, which can easily be adapted to the customer's requirements. The laser module includes laser head, cooling system and power supply. The scanning module consists of XYZ coordinating table , motor drivers , reflection mirror and focus lens. In addition, a robust framework constructed of welded steel section mounted on leveling pads is suitable for assembly or integration of the laser module and scanning module as well as the necessary electrical circuits. The framework can be enclosed completely. A sliding door is assembled on the framework, which provides the necessary protective enclosure for surrounding the marking area according to Laser Safety Class 1 regulations
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