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We export lead ore ( leador , kohl , kohel ) stone chining crystal in drums of 25 kgs in different sizes

Authentic BLACK lead ore KoHL from Morocco to line the eyes. Gently pour it into kthl bottles using a folded piece of clean white paper as a funnel. Kthl, which is actually crushed natural antinomy, is traditionally used in the Sahara by both men and women of Tuareg tribes to prevent eye infections from the blowing sand by causing the eye to tear slightly.

Colored lead ore KoHL, for use on the outer lid only, in strong powdered tones of turquoise, sapphire, old rose, and pale peach. Sensational effect. No preservatives or additives.

lead ore KoHL completely natural with no additives, this Fassi rouge is gently blended with a small amount of orangeflower water to use on lips or cheeks. Lasts forever, saturated color, the real thing.

Traditional kohl was originally made from the ash of frankincense, an aromatic gum resin obtained from various Arabian or East African trees. It was later made from powdered antimony, a silvery-white earth metal. As antimony became scarce and therefore expensive, other metallic elements were used in its place. These products have since been found to contain lead, arsenic, phosphates and other impurities.

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