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One of Europes leading manufacturers and retailers in made-to-measure fetish fashion and bondage gear is
searching for suppliers of finished leather.

1. We need black finished leather, of the finest A-grade top quality
of calf or cow, about 40.000 sq/feet per annum.

2 We will soon be purchasing a smaller amount (10.000 sq/ft each of) :
Black and some coloured nappa of fine quality
Black Suede.

3. We are interested in, but have not yet decided on buying:
Coloured calf or cow skin.
Embossed leather.
Rare, special types of leather.
Belt leather for harness manufacture
Ready made fetish items and unusual lingerie.

We are interested in examining your samples of A-grade calf or cow at the soonest possible moment.
We need at least 15 sq/ft of leather in one piece to judge the quality of the individual hides.
Since we are contacting many suppliers, please understand that we have no possibility of paying courier charges
to receive hundreds of samples. We will however reimburse any reasonable shipping costs at the time of ordering.

Contact via email or post is preferred, but we also have phone- and fax- numbers for you to use. Please mail us and let us know if you have any queries. Send us a message if you are interested
in checking out our retail website.