Sell LED, Filament, & Neon Indicating Lamps

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Del brand LED, Filament, & Neon indicating lamps is available in various types both with regard to the Geometrical Shape and Size and with regard to Electrical data. The main features are a) Available in different Bases (Lamp Caps) b) Long Life c) Voltage, Amperage, and Luminance are compatible with the size of the lamp and with each other respectively d) Unchanged Service Life with high Switching Frequencies e) Vibration Proof f) Available in various colours (LED lamps) g) Available in A. C. , D. C. and A. C. -D. C. combined (LED lamps) h) Unbreakable, Water Proof, Fire Retardant, & Heatless (LED lamps) . Delta Electrical Industries holds the PATENT Right for certain LED based indicating lamps.

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