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The jet printing color screen is mainly applied to large-sized outdoor advertising displays. LED pixel point is used as the basic display unit and each pixel point uses 2R1G1B. The spacing of pixel points may be adjusted according to needs. It can be connected to PC for implementation of synchronous video control, able to demonstrate various full-color effects like video, cartoon and words. The jet
printing color screen has integrated the advantageous characteristics of jet printing advertisement and LED electronic display. It has the advantages of jet printing advertisement in low cost but also it can display dynamic images. The application of the world's advanced display
board control technologies like unique gray scale coding technology, brightness control technology and non-linear calibration technology enables it to generate stronger visual shocks than other outdoor display media like neon light and advertising plate. Further, it utilizes the human
visual system to link the eyes with the brain imaging, naturally filling the lacking pixel and hence demonstrating the images with high resolution. This leads to realization of high-resolution images via less pixel, making the image more accurate. It is suitable to all-weather complicated environment outdoors, easy to install and high lycost-effective.

Working Voltage DC5V
Consumption 6W
Working temperature -35-55
Color Range 16.7 Millions
Tenure Life >50,000 Hours
Pixel Interval 50mm
Protection Level IP65
Pixel Density 250,390,400,512 Dots/sq. m
Frame Dimension 800mm X 800mm ,1280mm X 640mm
200mm X 400mm ,1000mm X 1000mm
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Available Colors
800mm X 800mm ,1280mm X 640mm
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